The Best Tech Security Features and Tools in 2022

Cyber security should be the priority of every single business. This means combining smarter personal measures like using unique passwords for every login with better security features and tools. Though every business is different, you will want to use a more secure operating system, use tools that encrypt your communications, a scalable security system that grows with your company, and, of course, backups in multiple locations to avoid the issue of natural disasters and forced hacking and theft attempts.

Secure Operating Systems that Put Privacy First

GrapheneOS is notorious amongst tech experts and has been ever since it caught the eye of tech expert Edward Snowden. Since his approval of GrapheneOS, many have turned to the operating system, and it has been downloaded and used on many Android devices. GrapheneOS offers many great security and privacy features, but its capabilities are overstated. It does not offer encryption services and cannot stop phishing emails or other malicious attacks. In order to further secure your communication devices, you will need to go a step further and also invest in a professional secured encryption communication service like Ghostchat.

Encrypted Communication Services

Ghostchat provides hardened OS like GrapheneOS so that even those without GrapheneOS can work confidently knowing that all their forms of communication, from text to voice, have been encrypted with 521bitECC, Double Ratcheting, and Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman.

Encrypted communication services cover it all. You will have access to end-to-end encryption, user-controlled privacy keys, endpoint protection, Brute-Force protection, and more. The goal is to encrypt all manner of communication channels and to put you at the helm of your own data protection. With so much data to protect, it is a sensible course of action to take.

Scalable Security Systems

Whatever services you use, they need to be able to easily integrate into your existing system and be scalable. You don’t want to pay for a system that is too complex for your needs and similarly you don’t ever want to put your company at risk with a security system that cannot be scaled up as your company grows.

Scalability is one of the key features of any business, but often growing businesses put their growth before their protection. This makes you very vulnerable. Avoid that vulnerability by investing in scalable solutions now.


Every single business needs to have their data made redundant. This means that you cannot have all of your important information in only one location. For most businesses, this will mean relying on cloud backups. Having a service that saves your data in copies in multiple secure locations means that you are very unlikely to lose it. If there is a fire at one facility, there won’t be an issue because your data is backed up on another server elsewhere.

If it is important that you keep control over the data yourself, then having multiple locations with backups is key. This can be as low-tech as having an offline physical backup in a safe or as high-tech as having a secure facility under your control. The choice is entirely yours.