12VHPWR Power Cables Can Melt When Not Seated Correctly According To GamersNexus Investigation

GamersNexus claims to have discovered the truth regarding the faulty NVIDIA power cables. The melting of some NVIDIA cables is most likely due to foreign item debris and human mistake. According to data collected from board partners, cable producers, and GN viewers, the failure rate remains at 0.05% to 0.1%.

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GamersNexus offered this result after weeks of testing, which included a failure analysis test lab. Although the GN team tested several ideas and cables, users should be aware that the melting of the cable has nothing to do with the manufacturer or the number of linked 12V cables (the GN team tested the cable with two-thirds of the 12V lanes removed).

The most probable cause of cable melting is an incorrect insertion by users. This, along with the adapters’ inadequate latching mechanism and high currents, might result in failures. Another possibility is foreign item debris, which might be created during production or faulty cable insertion. Scrapes on the connections might accumulate in the cable housing, increasing the chance of failure.

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However, incorrect insertion is more likely to blame for melted cable. GamersNexus only melted one cable by placing it wrongly, leaving a huge space, and putting it at an angle. Corsair PSU Expert Jon Gerow reached a similar conclusion; therefore, credit must be given where credit is due (Johnguru). The original piece, however, was removed for an unclear reason.

NVIDIA is currently analyzing the issue, and users watch their cards with bated breath. However, a correctly inserted cable can considerably lower the danger, so simply make sure it is well-positioned. According to GamersNexus’ independent analysis, users should feel at ease utilizing such cables, which include adapters and native implementations. However, The number of failures is still very low, according to a report.

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