13-inch MacBook Air With Apple Silicon Will Start at $799

We all know that Apple is planning to release the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air based on its Apple Silicon. The recently announced “One More Thing” (scheduled for next week) will show us what Apple has in store for us.

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A tipster says that the starting price for the upcoming Macs might be $799, which is extremely competitive when compared to Windows 10 Notebooks that are priced at $1000.

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It is extremely rare to find a laptop with a $799 price tag that can easily handle your daily tasks.
As per the ‘000leaker,’ the reason behind this aggressive pricing is that Apple wants more customers to try their Apple Silicon-based products.

The tipster hasn’t mentioned whether these are the standard prices or only for students, but both the models will be cheaper than the current Intel-based models available. It is expected that the 13-inch MacBook Pro will start from $1099.

MacBook Pro Apple Silicon ARM

The previous performance estimates tell that A14X Bionic is almost as fast as the Intel 8 Core i9 CPU featured in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. In case you need more power, you can purchase the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro that will feature 12-core Apple Silicon.

Via 000Leaker