15 Most Outstanding And Wonderful Facts About ‘Internet Of Things’

If you need to talk about the things that changed the world for the ‘best’ then IoT (Internet of Things) is the best thing you can talk about. This whole concept has connected the world for a long time and still doing the same. And the cherry on the cake is that the whole concept is becoming a much affordable one nowadays as the devices which are being interconnected through IoT are available at cheap prices. Well, for that you can browse through Couponsmonk to grab the best deals from the top-notch technology-selling stores of the US. Anyway, considering the unique concept of Internet Of Things (IoT), there are some really notable and thrilling facts about it. Won’t you like to know about those?

Now, let’s get started!! Just take a glance over these fifteen astounding facts about this extra-ordinary concept and enlighten yourself like never before.

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  1. By 2008, it was seen that the number of devices that were connected by IoT was more than the population of the world. So, it has been estimated that more than 50 billion will be the number of devices connected through internet in 2020 and there will be a saving of $ 19 trillion in cost savings and profit due to that.


  1. The IPv6 standard for internet addresses ensured that there are more numbers of internet addresses than the atoms in the earth which means that various companies can create small devices which can do online connections besides being into the same IP address.


  1. It has been estimated that by the year 2019 there will be 1.9 billion devices which will be connecting homes. And for that there will be $ 490 billions growth in revenues.


  1. By the year 2020, it is expected that maximum number of US consumers would own a smart refrigerator or smart watch and 14% of the worldwide consumers will be having some or other kind of internet-connected clothing.


  1. The Gartner research suggests that 20% of the vehicles running in the roads will be giving off information to a central database via some or other kind of wireless connection.


  1. China is dominating in IoT with more than 27% machine to machine connections.


  1. The internet-based connected kitchens will be saving as much as 15% of the current costs in food and beverage industry.


  1. The amazing IoT will account for one-quarter of the 41 million 5G connection around the globe in 2024. And in this process Japan and Korea will take the charge. The embedded factory-fit connected cars will be the biggest and smartest application of 5G.


  1. Business and government will be the top users of the IoT by 2020 according to the BI intelligence.


  1. Asia pacific is the most renowned market for Industrial IoT according to TechNavio. APAC is estimated to reach over US $ 54 billion in 2020 while growing at the CAGR rate of 7 percent.


  1. According to the Internet Of Things global standards, if a deviced has to labelled as IoT it should have seven design features which are sensors, internet connectivity, processors, energy-efficiency, quality, security and reliability.


  1. As per the CBI insights, the leading investors in the IoT space are corporate: Intel capital and Qualcomm ventures.


  1. The advancement in hardware and software will make IoT security a fast and proficiently evolving area through 2021.


  1. For all the human beings in the world there will be at-least 2-5 connected things available by 2020.


  1. The topmost IoT acquisition of 2015 had been the $ 11.8 billion acquisition of Freescale semiconductor by NXP.


Phew! Wasn’t it just incredible to know about the aforementioned thrilling facts? I am sure you found it amazing to know about such extra-ordinary features regarding Internet Of Things (IoT).

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