What Are the Top 5 Smartphones this Christmas?

While Christmas may be just a couple of weeks away, there’s still an army of households nationwide that have plenty of Christmas shopping to do.

There’s no need to panic, however, as there’s still plenty of opportunity to seek out high quality gifts at competitive prices. Take the smartphone market, for example, which is stacked with exceptional products and a range of options to suit various customer preferences.

In this post, we’ll rank the top five smartphones available this Christmas, and ask which one is right for you?

  1. Google Pixel 2

We start with the Google Pixel 2, which combines exceptional software and camera performance with a stylish design to excellent effect.

As you would expect, this handset is also supported by the latest Android O operating system, which underpins seamless performance and even makes an attempt to integrate artificial intelligence (AI).

At $649.99 for a 64GB handset this phone is not cheap, however, and customers in the market for a high-end model may well prefer to invest in an Apple or Samsung device. Regardless, this is an impressive smartphone, and one that is certainly worthy of consideration this Christmas.

  1. The iPhone 8

Next up is the iPhone 8, which is Apple’s latest standard release and a handset that builds impressively on the previous iteration.

Packed with wireless charging and a significantly improved processor, there are also two versions of this handset available in the form of iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The former has a standard, 4.7-inch display, while the latter boasts an impressive 5.5-inch screen and superb quality graphics.

A basic handset can be sourced from around $699 in the current market, which offers excellent value in comparison with the Google Pixel 2 but has been somewhat overshadowed by the launch of the revolutionary iPhone X.

  1. The OnePlus 5T

Despite its relatively humble beginnings, the OnePlus 5T has emerged as one of the best selling and most popular handsets in 2017.

This should come as a surprise, either, as this smartphone boasts a superb flagship specification and a supremely fast Snapdragon processor that delivers genuine value for money. There’s also a large, six-inch screen available, and a powerful, 20MP camera that captures truly superb images.

This smartphone can be sourced for just $559 outright, so it’s definitely a contender for households that are looking to buy gifts on a budget this Christmas.

  1. The iPhone X

Now for the big one, although the ground-breaking iPhone X has only made second place on our list. The elephant in the room is the price tag of $999, however, which make it the single most expensive handset on the market.

Make no mistake; however, this smartphone is also one the fastest and best available to customers. Its all-screen format and dual, 12 MP cameras are made for deploying augmented reality technology, for example, while its processing power has to be seen to be believed. Incredibly powerful, this phone is ideal for anyone who likes to stream their favourite television shows or play casino games online.

A smartphone for the connoisseurs among you, the iPhone X has a superb design and spec that may well change the future of smartphone design. If you can afford it, it could also be the ideal festive gift this year!

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S8

Distinguishing between our top two handsets was tough, but there’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 strikes a more delicate balance between performance and value.

It’s also a beautiful device too, with a high resolution display that seamlessly reached the edge of the device and sleek, rounded curves. It’s water and dust resistant too, while users can leverage the exceptional processing power to optimise performance and a powerful camera for capturing outstanding imagery.

Despite this incredible spec, this handset can be sourced from around £724.99 outright. This represents huge value, even when compared to some of the other options on our list.

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