Microsoft Surface Pro 4: The Laptop For Your Tablet Needs


The war between tablets and laptops has always been a notable one. With laptops winning because of their higher quality specifications, while tablets, on the other hand, win in terms of portability. Nowadays, people own at least one of the two, if not both, and use it to perform their daily tasks. But if someone wants to get the specifications of a laptop and the portability of a tablet, all in one, then their choices are limited. Up till now at least.

Microsoft came as a saving grace in that regard, to give to the people a laptop that functions like one, but has the look of a tablet. The model that we are talking about here is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been receiving incredible reports from people who wanted to go in for the best of both worlds without having to compromise on much. This isn’t, of course, the first tablet laptop duo that Microsoft has released. In the past, they released the Microsoft Surface Pro, which is a downgraded version of the one that is currently on the market.

Even though the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was released two years ago, it remains as one of the more prominent names in the category. There are many reasons for one to go in for this laptop, and if you are looking for the best of everything in one, this is the best that you are going to get realistically.

What makes the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 so unique is the design and functionality that it offers. It is a one of a kind laptop, and you don’t see many laptop companies going in for this design and form of laptops. Microsoft has been able to do this without compromising on the quality and specifications that go along with it, ensuring you that you are getting a good product out of your purchase that is going to last you a significant amount of time.

If you try to differentiate the design of the first Microsoft Surface Pro that came out and the newest one on the market, you will see that the plan is more or less the same, with only a few minor changes. This is because the design that the current model faces is incredibly functional, and did not need more changes to be more efficient. However, just because the laptop looks the same on the outside, does not mean that it is the same on the inside. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has far better specifications than the previous models which is what makes this piece of hardware truly unique.

One of the more striking changes that have been made to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the keyboard. Even though the keyboard still uses standard membrane keys, they are far more sensitive to touch and have an incredible response time. The keys also feel incredibly smooth, and the rubber grip on them is just an added plus to make typing on this easier than it already is.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 also works with the Surface Pen, which is a good innovative way to work around the laptop and perform all the things that you would typically do, just with more ease of access. The Surface Pen too has received an upgrade since the first iteration of the laptop, making it more responsive than what it used to be. However, the Surface Pen is not available with all forms of the main product, and some of them need you to buy the Surface pen separately as you do not get it inclusive in the package.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review shows that it is incredibly multifunctional and appeals to a wide range of customers, which is also why it is so popular. If you are a graphic designer who wants to use the Surface Pen to work on their art, or a student wishing to make good presentations for their school project, this is the laptop for you.

The one drawback that this laptop does have is the charging. The battery life of this laptop is not very strong, and can sometimes run out quickly if there are multiple applications and windows open at the same time.

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