$1700 AMD Polaris Next-Gen Graphics Card Spotted in Shipping Database

A $1700 AMD graphics board has been spotted in the Zauba shipping database. This could possibly be the company’s next flagship graphics card. Polaris is of course the name given to AMD’s next generation family of 14nm FinFET based graphics chips. These chips are scheduled to be launched by mid 2016.

AMD Polaris

So far we know that there will be two 14nm Polaris GPUs which are the Polaris 11 and Polaris 10. One of these is a smaller chip which is designed to give console-class gaming performance in thin and light notebooks. This is the GPU that AMD showed behind closed doors at CES. The other chip is expected to be the flagship chip in the series and will be the successor to the Radeon R9 Fury X. This is the chip that has been spotted on Zauba.

The guys over at 3DCenter were to first to spot the card in the database. It has the C99 codename and has the “FOC” designation, which we think stands for “Full Operational Capacity”. Now this is not the first Polaris GPU we’ve seen in the database. C98, C91, and C92 chips have been spotted previously, however the C99 has a very high per unit value of nearly $1700, almost triple that of the C98, which many believe to be the successor to the R9 390.


It is not clear what graphics board this actually is, but based on the value we are looking at a very high-end card, even possibly a dual GPU Polaris card!

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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