Intel Will Indeed Block CPU Overclocking on Non-K Skylake CPUs

We talked about it last week and now it looks like the rumors were true. Intel will indeed block CPU overclocking on Non-K Skylake processors. Intel has pushed a CPU microcode update to its motherboard partners which “plugs a loophole” which allowed for overclocking of Non-K Skylake processors.


This loophole was celebrated by the PC enthusiast community and motherboard partners who advertised the ability to overclock non-K Skylake processors.

In an interview with PC World an Intel spokesperson said, “Intel regularly issues updates for our processors which our partners voluntarily incorporate into their BIOS. The latest update provided to partners includes, among other things, code that aligns with the position that we do not recommend overclocking processors that have not been designed to do so. Additionally, Intel does not warranty the operation of the processor beyond its specifications.”

Now if you are currently overclocking a non-K Skylake processor don’t worry this microcode update is optional. The microcode needs to be added to a new BIOS revision, which motherboard partners will make available for download. If you motherboard is stable and working correctly then you do not have to download and install the new BIOS that blocks non-K overclocking.

Source: PC World | News Archive

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