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Welcome to the new!

If you are coming to the site for the first time this might not be a shock to you, but if you have been here before you are probably quite surprised to see the new design of the site. We have had the old layout of the site for a few years now and it was getting old. We all knew that we needed a new layout, less ads, and something more up to date. If you noticed over the past 2 weeks the site has not been updated that much, which is because we have been hard at work on what you see here. Please take a couple of minutes and read this post as it outlines all of the new features of the site.


In Win Maelstrom Full Tower Chassis Review

In Win is a company mainly known for its power supplies or unique mid tower cases. Today we got the opportunity to review In Win's first Full Tower Case, the In Win Maelstrom. This airflow giant can boast a total of 10, 120mm fans to go along with the airflow design built into the case. In Win has added many sound/vibration reducing implantations into this case such as the acoustic absorbers and patented hard drive rails. Read on further to see what In Wins first Full Tower Chassis has to offer.


NZXT M59 Classic Series Mid Tower Case Review

NZXT has added another case to their Classic Series of cases, it's called the M59 and it is quite inexpensive at under $60. You would think a case with that price tag would be really cheap, but the M59 has features like 2 included fans, 2.5-inch SSD bays, a side panel window, all black interior, a wire management system, and an eSATA port. A lot of these features cannot even be found on more expensive cases. Let's see if NZXT has a winner in the M59.

Power SuppliesReviews

Seasonic S12D 850W Power Supply Review

Seasonic has been around for a long time-since 1975. It is more well-known for its OEM line of power supply units, but it sells some models retail, as well. It touts the S12D 850W power supply unit as being certified 80PLUS Silver, proving that the unit is at least 85% efficient. Seasonic claims that the unit can achieve 90% efficiency! Add that with a five year warranty and a nearly silent fan and this is one unit worth seriously considering. ThinkComputers has the review.

Mobile ProductsReviews

Griffin TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick for iPhone Review

If you have an iPhone or iPod and a car with an auxiliary audio input I'm sure you've already taken advantage of it with an audio cable, being able to play music from your iPod through your car's speakers. This is good and everything but switching songs can be quite dangerous while driving. Griffin knows this and has come up with the TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick. It not only allows you to easily switch songs, but it also charges your iPhone or iPod. Read on as we take a look...


Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler Review

The Core i5 has just been recently released, but with any CPU a Cooler is needed. Cooler Master has released their first fully compatible Socket LGA 1156 (Core i5) CPU Cooler which is backward compatible with most other sockets. We havethe opportunity to take a look at the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler and we are impressed. Read on further to see what we think of this newly released cooler.

FeaturedFull SystemsReviews

iBUYPOWER Gamer Paladin E870 i7 Gaming System Review

When it comes to gamers they want the newest and most powerful gaming systems out there. They really only have 2 choices, build a gaming PC themselves or get a custom gaming PC built for them. There are really only a few of reliable, well known custom builders out there and today we will be taking a look at a system from once such builder, iBUYPOWER. They have sent us their brand new Gamer Paladin E870 gaming system that sports an Intel Core i7 870 processor, 2x Radeon 4890's, 8GB of memory and liquid cooling. Let's take a look...

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