2024 MacBook Pro Refresh Will House Apple’s 3nm M3 Pro and M3 Max Chips

Apple is gearing up for an eventful period with the introduction of the upcoming iPhone 15 range and Apple Watch Series 9. Additionally, the Vision Pro headset will be accessible to the public next year, likely unveiled during the Spring event. In the first half of the following year, the launch of new iPad Pro models featuring OLED screens, along with the 2024 MacBook Pro lineup equipped with M3 Pro and M3 Max chips, delivering enhanced performance abilities were anticipated.

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As per the latest information, Apple has plans to introduce the M3 Pro and M3 Max MacBook Pro models in 2024. According to Gurman, there is a possibility that Apple will launch these new MacBook Pro models after the Vision Pro is released. This decision is influenced by the fact that the Vision Pro incorporates an M2 chip, which falls short in terms of performance compared to the M3 chip. Furthermore, the significant price difference between the Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499, and the base M3 MacBook Air, priced at $1,299, could potentially disappoint users. Therefore, it seems reasonable for the company to prioritize the release of the Vision Pro and subsequently announce the new M3 MacBooks.

Regarding the 14-inch and 16-inch models of the MacBook Pro, significant design changes are not anticipated. The larger MacBook Pro models underwent a design update in 2021, so it is unlikely for a major redesign to take place at this early stage. However, there is a possibility that Apple might introduce variations in the port selection, although specific details are currently limited. Ultimately, Apple holds the final decision on this matter.

The upcoming M3 Pro and M3 Max chips are set to deliver remarkable performance capabilities. Built on TSMC’s advanced 3nm process, these chips will offer improved computational and graphical performance. Additionally, they will exhibit high power efficiency, resulting in extended battery life. The 14-inch MacBook Pro will be powered by the M3 Pro chip, while both the 14-inch and 16-inch versions will have the M3 Max chip available. However, it’s worth noting that the highest-end variant of the chip will be exclusive to the larger MacBook Pro model.

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Gurman provided details regarding the model numbers of the upcoming MacBook Air versions: J514 for the 14-inch model and J516 for the 16-inch variant. We anticipate significant performance improvements in these machines, thanks to the utilization of advanced 3nm fabrication technology. In addition to this, Gurman mentions that both models of the MacBook Air, as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pro, will receive updates with the new M3 chip. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly developing M3-powered iPad Pro models for next year, with rumors suggesting the inclusion of an OLED panel.

Via Bloomberg