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Audiofly AF78 In-Ear Headphones (Amazon) (Review)
Audiofly AF-78 In-Ear Headphones

It is not often I am blown away by a pair of in-ear headphones, but the Audiofly AF78 In-Ear headphones made me step back and say WOW! These by far are the best in-ear headphones I have ever used! And not only in terms of sound quality, but comfort as well. They make use of Comply Foam Ear-tips which use memory foam for the best fit on your ears. Besides sounding great and being comfortable the headphones also are very high quality so you know they are going to last you a long while!

D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender (Amazon) (Review)
D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender

Many of you I assume own a home theater system and probably have for some time now. If you like listening to music and are anything like me you use a lot of Spotify and Pandora, which are both streaming services. So how are you going to get that audio to your home theater which isn’t WiFi enabled? The simple solution is the D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender which not only provides audio streaming, but extends your Wi-Fi network as well. You simply plug in the device and connect it to a sound input in your home theater. Then you can use a device like your smartphone to wirelessly stream music to your home theater!

Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker System (Amazon) (Review)
Fluance Fi30 Bluetooth Speaker System

If you happen to not have a home theater, but was some impressive sound for your Bluetooth-enabled device those little Bluetooth speakers are not going to cut it. You are going to want something like the Fluance Fi30, which was the best sounding Bluetooth speaker we took a look at all year! It is a rather larger speaker with an elegant look, which means it will fit perfectly in any room. As a bonus it has a USB port on the back to charge your device as well.

D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera (Amazon) (Review)
D-Link DCS-2630L

Home security can be a rather daunting and confusing thing to set up. D-Link wants to make it easier with their line of Wi-Fi cameras. We recently reviewed the DCS-2630L, which sits at the top of D-Link’s product stack. This camera features a 180-degree field of view, 802.11 ac wireless, a built-in SD card slot and more. The software the runs the camera can be used on a PC or mobile device and gives you a live look-in, allows you to set recording times, event triggers, and more. The best part about this camera is that it is extremely easy to set up.

D-Link WiFi Smart Plug (Amazon) (Review)
D-Link WiFi Smart Plug

The technology in our homes is extremely outdated. We hear about the “Smart Home” all the time, but that only applies if you are buying or building a brand new home. For those of us who are buying an older home or even renting we are stuck with with the home comes with. But D-Link has a solution that will make your home a little smarter, the Wi-Fi Smart Plug. This device plugs into your ordinary wall outlet and gives you the ability to track power usage, set schedules and allows for remote operation of the outlet.

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