25 Stocking Stuffers For Every Tech Lover

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (Amazon)
Amazon Fire TV Stick

When I first bought my Amazon Fire TV stick I was a little worried, but after using it for almost a year now I am pleasantly surprised. Don’t think that because you’ve bought an Amazon device you are locked into only Amazon products. Just like many other devices there are apps for Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and more. The little stick is extremely easy to install and takes up no space at all. For those looking to stream Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or any other streaming service the Amazon Fire TV stick is the perfect low-cost device to do it with.

NZXT DOKO PC Streaming Device (Amazon) (Review)
NZXT DOKO PC Streaming Device

Want to stream what is on your PC to your TV? NZXT’s DOKO is an awesome device that will let you do that. Whether it’s games or other streaming services the DOKO will allow you to do it, as long as you have a wired connection. The DOKO has four USB ports on the front that allow you to say plug in a game controller if you are gaming. Your PC on the other end will recognize the controller and install the drivers to make it work. The DOKO has been a life-saver for me when I’ve wanted to watch certain things I could only watch on a PC. Now I can always stream them to my TV.

Seagate Personal Cloud (Amazon)

If you have a lot of media stored on your PC it is not always the easiest thing to share it with different devices throughout your house. This is where a NAS comes in and the Seagate Personal Cloud is one of my favorites to suggest to people as it is quite easy to setup and works great. Seagate offers it in quite a few different storage options, I believe the highest capacity right now is 8TB, which should last you for a good while.

Kingston HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 Solid State Drive (Amazon) (Review)
Kingston HyperX Savage 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

If a NAS is not your thing, but you want a fast way to take media from one device to another the latest USB flash drive might be the perfect thing for you. The Kingston HyperX Savage USB 3.1 flash drive is the fastest USB flash drive that we’ve ever reviewed! With blazing speeds means less waiting for things to transfer between devices. Also since it is a flash drive means that it can easily fit in your pocket and you can take it with you anywhere.

Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Subscription (Amazon)

Streaming services are taking over, there is no question about that. Each one of the different streaming services has a vast library of titles so it makes it hard to pick just one. I would say Netflix has the best selection of titles, but Hulu definitely has more TV shows and you can watch current-season shows with Hulu. Amazon Prime is not just a video subscription service, it also gives you guaranteed free 2-day shipping when you purchase an item from Amazon. So the Prime subscription gives you a lot more. All three of the services now have original series too, some of which are really good. Getting a subscription to one of these services will definitely put a smile on the face to your favorite media lover.

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