3 Ways to Enhance Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a free service provided by Google. Businesses can upload images and promotional information to their Google My Business account, which can help customers discover your business by searching for products and services. Companies with Google My Business profiles are automatically connected to Google maps to ensure clients can find directions to the business with the press of a button. Customers can also use the links on your company’s account to send your business a message, phone your company, or access your company’s website.

Google My Business is an effective way of raising your company’s online profile. Companies with robust Google My Business listings benefit by attracting customers and generating revenue. Employ these strategies to strengthen your listing and maximize your company’s benefits from your Google My Business profile.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to managing your content and online presence to increase your domain authority (DA) score. Higher DA scores are listed first on the search engine results pages (SERP) generated when someone performs a search on a web browser. Several factors determine DA scores. Browsers send out crawlers to gather data, evaluate the information, and assign a score. Placing on the first page of SERP results can significantly increase your site’s profile and traffic. Over 70% of clicks on search engine results are on sites listed on the first page of listings.

Google My Business listings also use engine optimization strategies to rank listings. If you aren’t familiar with these, you may want to work with a professional SEO company to customize your content and optimize your Google My Business listing. SEO marketing experts like those at Nettra Media can integrate keywords into your content to boost your ranking. Effective engine optimization will also include local SEO data to ensure that local search results feature your site’s listing.

Add Profile Features


Your Google My Business listing should include your company’s name, address, and phone number. It should also include a description of your business so customers can learn about your company’s products or services.

Upload photos to strengthen your company’s profile. Images of your company’s building, staff, and merchandise attract consumer interest. Google My Business accounts with photographs generate more website and Google maps traffic than companies without images.

Add Google virtual tour(s) featuring your company. Virtual tours capitalize on the benefits of photographs and enable potential clients to see inside your business. Company tour professionals, such as Biztour – The Virtual Tour Experts, understand that virtual tours build trust between the company and consumers. Virtual tours can strengthen your company’s reputation and promote your company’s services.

Virtual tour experts can also improve your Google maps listing and produce photographs for your website and Google My Business listing.

Your business listing will also increase if you embed your company’s Google My Business listing and Google Maps page on your website. Embedding this information tells Google the data is correct and verifies your listing.

Consistent Details

Your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) is one of the most important details in your Google My Business listing. Your listing’s NAP should match the information provided on your company’s website. Search engines look for consistent data when evaluating listings.

Search engines also seek confirmation of your company’s data on other sites. The more times a company is listed, the more it legitimizes the company. Google looks for other references with consistent information to verify your company exists. Similarly, backlinks affect your site’s DA score. Sites with more backlinks from reputable sources receive higher scores. Google uses NAP the same way. Companies with their NAP consistently listed on multiple sites are considered more reputable and will receive higher Google My Business rankings.

Perform searches using your company data to determine where your business is listed. Contact sites with inconsistent details, such as an alternate phone number, and ask them to update their listing to improve your company’s ranking.

Bonus: Feedback


If you can, provide a link to your customers and encourage them to leave reviews for your company through your Google My Business listing. Reviews can establish your business’s reputation and strengthen your company’s profile. Companies receive higher rankings if they have higher numbers of reviews. The reviews verify the company’s existence, and a high volume of reviews indicates a high volume of business. Most consumers consider customer reviews when deciding where to purchase goods and services.

You can encourage reviews by responding to reviews. Keep comments professional and avoid defensive remarks. When you demonstrate you are open to feedback, you indicate your company is serious about customer service and professionalism.