Need a New Internet Provider? Ask a Millennial

You need reliable and affordable internet. If your current internet service isn’t offering the quality of service you desire, you need to consider a new internet provider. Millennials know a thing or two about the internet, and they can be of help when choosing a new provider. Here are a variety of comparison tools and resources to use in unison with their advice.

Millennial Expertise


If you have a millennial in your life, it’s worth asking them for some advice when it’s time to get a new internet provider. A millennial is someone born between 1981 and 1996. Research reports that nearly 100% of millennials use the internet. On top of this, millennials spend the most internet usage time on their smartphones. 89% of millennials reportedly use the internet from their phone. So it’s no surprise that they expect fast internet speeds. They’re used to quick, reliable internet service so they will know what kind of expectations to have when you’re signing up your new internet service provider. Millennials know first-hand how to adopt the best internet for their high mobile internet usage needs. Be sure to chat with the millennial in your life to get the inside scoop and valuable advice on the best provider for you.

Pricing Factors


Many factors can contribute to what you will pay for your new internet service. These include things like what download speeds and upload speeds you prefer. These speeds are commonly measured by Mbps, or megabytes per second. Another factor that alters pricing is where you live. If you live in rural areas, you might have to get your internet from satellite internet, which may have slower speeds. Compared to living in a well-populated area where you have a more direct connection with high download speeds and access to high-speed internet.

The type of plan you decide to purchase also works into these costs. For example, if your new provider covers more than the internet costs. These costs might come as a bundle that includes your cable, phone service, and phone internet, too. The amount of data you would like for your cell phone internet also affects your overall quote. For example, unlimited cellular data will cost more than cellphones with strict data caps. However, sometimes by bundling your devices and technology together, you can get a better deal on the entire package in the long-run.

Compare internet providers.


To compare the best internet options visit iSelect. By doing so, you can save time, money, and effort on searching for an internet service provider. Their comparison tool will help you to get the best internet provider in Australia’s market. You can compare the big-name internet options in your area like Optus, Republic, MyBelong, and Harbour ISP. Along with this, you can add personal specifications that you would like for your plan so your quote is accurate. What’s even greater about this service is that it doesn’t cost you anything to compare internet plans and get quotes from trained experts that value quality customer service.

Once you have sorted through the options with their tools and consultants, you will find the best internet provider for you. You are usually entitled to free installation with the purchase of their internet services. As a disclaimer, it’s always best to check with your new provider to make sure they offer this installation so you can utilize your new internet as soon as possible.


You will undoubtedly be pleased with your new internet provider if you enlist the help of a tech-savvy millennial, figure out your must-haves, and utilize comparison tools. After these steps, you will have chosen the perfect provider for you and completed your installation. From here, you can look forward to enjoying the perks of your well-researched and reliable internet.