6 Benefits of Converting YouTube Videos to Mp3

There are many of us out there who would prefer to listen to audio rather than sit down and watch a YouTube video clip. And this has nothing to do with the video itself; it is just that getting time for that might be a little bit hard. It is for this reason, and many more others, that individuals prefer to convert YouTube videos to mp3 using services such as YouTube converter kostenlos or any other. But have you ever asked yourself why people would like to convert videos to mp3? Read on to find out some of the benefits.

Save on space

Think of the size of a video compared to that of an audio clip. Obviously, the size of the mp3 file is much smaller than that of a video clip. If you like that video clip but your device is running out of space, and thus you cannot download and store it in the device, you can easily convert it to mp3 format and store. This is because the mp3 file will require much less space as compared to the mp4 format, which is the video format.

Sound quality

When one starts to think of downloading a video clip, the quality of the sound of the clip he wants to download will always be among the things running through his mind. One would want to be sure that the quality will not change even after converting and downloading. Using the best converters such as the YouTube converter kostenlos, one can be guaranteed of the best quality sound after converting. This way, you can easily listen to your song as you go about your daily activities.

Improve load speed

Due to the large space required by a YouTube video, the load speed is usually significantly reduced. This has a great impact on the load times, as some will take minutes to load. Remember that the bandwidth required by a video is much larger than that required by mp3 file. By converting the file, you are simply improving on the load speed, and thus making your work easier when it comes to loading and listening to your favorite bits.


What do I mean by an mp3 being portable compared to mp4? Now think of it: Between a video and mp3 file, which one can you easily listen to as you go about your daily routine? Obviously, it will be the audio file. By converting a YouTube video to mp3, you are simply making it portable. You can be moving around listening to it without endangering anyone, as you won’t have to concentrate on the video as you walk. You can easily listen to the bits of the clip as you walk, given that your eyes will be focused on where you are going while enjoying the music at the same time. This cannot happen with a YouTube video.

In conclusion, there are many reasons and benefits that one can get by converting a YouTube video into mp3. It is for this reasons that we recommend you have the YouTube converter kostenlos installed on your device for easy conversion.

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