6 Games You Can Play on Google Search Engine

Are you looking for some exciting and fun games to play on Google? Whether you’re bored, stuck indoors due to the weather, or just feeling uninspired after a long day at work, we all need to relax and have some fun sometimes. And what better way than with your favorite search engine – Google! This handy guide gives you six great games you can play right on your computer’s search engine.

From Solitaire and PACMAN to Minesweeper and Tic tac toe, many exciting options will bring out the competitive side in anyone who plays them. Put away those board games and cards: these easy-to-play Google Search Engine Games will soon become staples of any rainy day get-together or family reunion!

Hidden Games Everybody Can Play on Google Search Engine

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who didn’t know how to play games through the Google search engine, you’re in the right place. Below are six of the best games that Google has to offer.


Those who enjoy puzzle games can now enjoy a free online Minesweeper game without downloading an app. You only need to type Minesweeper on Google’s search bar and click Play. After that, you’re ready to start the game.

How to play Minesweeper:

  • The board contains several squares with bombs hidden underneath them
  • Click on any square to reveal what is underneath it
  • If a bomb appears, then the game ends
  • If a number appears, it corresponds to the number of adjacent bombs
  • Mark all squares you think have bombs underneath with a flag

Its rising popularity enabled numerous developers to design a free Minesweepers game with different modes and layouts such as Play Minesweeper. But rest assured; the gameplay remains the same. There are also browser-based platforms that allow you to play this puzzle game without downloading an app! Although you need to ensure you’re connected to the internet.


An arcade game that 90s kids used to love is PACMAN. Everybody can access this game on their PCs without going to an arcade shop. You can freely enjoy this intense and thrilling game by typing PACMAN or Play PACMAN on the search engine.

But if you also want to play the game while you’re away from your PC, download PAC-MAN by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. and experience the classic gameplay but with new modes and mazes.

How to play PACMAN:

  • Control an eponymous character
  • Eat the pellets
  • Avoid the four-colored ghosts
  • Consume Power Pellets to freeze the ghosts temporarily

The maze is filled with pellets you can eat up to gain points, and the four colored ghosts will try to catch you. It’s all about focus and concentration, where you must watch out for all four ghosts and avoid them as long as possible. It’s how you can score points and win.


Snake Xenxia is the first Snake game featured on Nokia phones many years ago. If you haven’t heard of it before, this game is a classic you should try. It’s one of the few games from the older generations that remain popular today.

Fortunately, Snake is also available on Google Search Engine. Type Play Snake and choose Play to start controlling the Snake. It must eat the goodies on the screen to grow. However, make sure it doesn’t hit the borders or itself.

Tic tac toe

Tic tac toe is a game typically played on paper, but did you know it’s also available on Google Search Engine? Type Tic tac toe, and you can instantly play the childhood game kids loved. It’s competitive but not as intense as other games today. It’s just good old fun.

How to play Tic tac toe:

  • The game is split between two players (X and O)
  • Each player will take turns marking a 3×3 grid with their respective letter
  • The goal is to get three of the same letters in a row

The first player to form a horizontal or diagonal line on their letter wins the game. The best part is you can restart it as often as you want! But if you’re looking for an app for mobile devices, Tic Tac Toe Glow is a fantastic alternative. The grid and the letters are glowing, giving players a more immersive gaming experience.


One of the classic card games, Solitaire, is one that most people have heard of. But did you know it’s also available on Google? Type in Solitaire and press Enter to start playing this well-known single-player game. Like the real-life card game, the objective is to stack the cards in descending order from Ace to King.

How to play Solitaire:

  • One deck of 52 cards is used
  • The player needs to arrange the cards in a specific order, starting with the ace and ending with the king
  • Build the layout of seven cards (the first is face up and the next are face down)
  • Put a face-up card on the first face-down card (slightly lower) and repeat the process until you reach the last card
  • Make sure to complete four suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs)

You can play Solitaire on the Google Search Engine countless times without getting bored. For apps or web games, try Solitaire Bliss for a modernized and fun version you can enjoy on your mobile devices.

Atari Breakout

Last but not least is Atari Breakout, a brick-breaker game everyone can play on the image section of the Google search engine. To begin, simply type Atari Breakout and navigate to the image section. After that, a paddle and a ball will appear. The goal is to break all the bricks while the paddle “catches” the ball to bounce back up.

You may also mute the sounds if you want to increase your focus. Furthermore, this brick-breaking arcade game can also be played on mobile browsers as long as it’s in desktop view.

Play Iconic Games on Google Search Engine

The list above gives you a glimpse of all the fun games you can access on Google Search Engine. Everybody is welcome to try and play these iconic games, whether you’re a kid or an adult. As long as you have internet access and a search engine, you can entertain yourself with these classic games. Try them and see the magic unfold!