6 Ways to Stay Entertained this Summer

The world has been a scary place for the last few months. A lot of us are missing friends and family and unable to go about our regular lives. However, the impact of coronavirus hasn’t been all bad. With staying indoors being mandatory it has become a necessity to make activities available online, which is excellent news for people who might have struggled to attend the event in person. These are just some of the previously in real life only things that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Play slot machines

If you are missing being able to play slot machines, Aussie Online Pokies have got you covered. Their expert team will guide you to the best online casinos and slot machines in Australia so that you can experience casino gaming from the comfort of your own home.

Attend a games Expo

The physical event Tokyo Game Show has unfortunately been cancelled. Still, the organizers have said that they will be holding the event online, which is excellent news for people who wouldn’t have been able to get to Japan for the event.

Game Awards creator Jeff Keighley has also launched Summer Game Fest this year, which is being held from May to August. It’ll share news, in-game events, and playable content from across the video games industry. There will also be developer showcases, exclusive game reveals and loads more. Check out their site to see what’s on!

Build a PC

Have you ever wanted to start your own PC build and repair business? Or simply test out your dream PC build without the risk of spending all that time and money only for it go horribly wrong? Well, thanks to PC Building Simulator you can give it a go without the risk and expense of doing it in real life. PC simulator allows you to build your own PC empire, featuring a marketplace full of real-world components that you can use to test out your dream setups. Perfect for the PC build enthusiast.

Drive a truck

Scania Truck Driving Simulator allows you to put the pedal to the metal in one of the most iconic trucks in the world. You’ll complete challenging truck maneuvering simulations as you strive to gain your license. Much safer than trying to control one in real life!

Run a newsroom

Frustrated with biased news content in your feed? Think you could do better? Not For Broadcast allows you to do just that. You will take control of National Nightly News as a radical new government come to power. It’s up to you decide which news items make it on the air, and which ones are not for broadcast. Not For Broadcast is available now as an Early Access offering on steam, so you can give your feedback to the developers as you play.

Live your entire life

You can, of course, live an entire life in simulation, thanks to EA’s classic game The Sims. Whether you’re living the perfect life or playing God and torturing your hapless creations, The Sims has consistently been a favorite with PC gamers with good reason.