APIs to Make Your Holiday Season Easier

While holiday seasons are fun times, it could be a lot of work for the most part. From planning trips, preparing gifts, planning parties, to sending the right messages, it can be too much to handle. However, the right APIs can make your holiday season easier.

This article features the best APIs that could be useful for an easier holiday celebration.


Reduce confusion by blocking out holidays on your scheduling calendars. Let your colleagues and customers all over the world know your local holidays and make sure you know when they celebrate their local holidays by using Public Holidays API.

Holiday Gifts

Coming up with the perfect gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list can be very challenging. Trying to come up with gift ideas that were different from those of the previous year was a real headache.

Here are some APIs to find great gift ideas:


The eBay API gives you access to the eBay Marketplace, meaning, you have a ton of options. This API offers different endpoints that allow your app’s full integration into the eBay platform. You can find more information about eBay’s API in its API documentation.


If electronics are exactly what you have in mind, look no further than the BestBuy API. According to Eric Caron, Senior product manager of APIs, BestBuy, its Public API supports all features you’d expect for a full shopping experience. These features are under three main areas; Product, categories, and stores.

Shipping Holiday Gifts

Sometimes, finding the right gift is not enough; you’ll want to make sure it arrives safely and on time. Here are some API options for all your shipping requirements.


Shippo is an API that allows you to connect to multiple shipping carriers from one place to compare shipping rates, buy labels, and track packages. This API offers simple endpoints for address validation, managing orders, and tracking packages.

Traveling During Holidays

In 2018, AAA reported; “The record-breaking 112.5 million travelers taking to the nation’s runways, roads and rails for the year-end holidays represent a 4.4 percent increase over the previous year and the most since AAA has been tracking holiday travel”.

With these numbers, traveling can be hectic, adding this API to your holidays API can make traveling more accessible and more fun.

Laminar Flights

Implementing this API in your mobile or desktop apps, offers you access to flight status, flight details, flight schedule, and weather data, all from sending simple API calls. .

Taking Photos

For most families, the holiday seasons are the only time in the year where they spend time together. So, you might want to keep those memories in a photograph. Here are some APIs you should use:


The Zenfolio API is platform-independent and is based on open standards. It can be used from any programming language on any platform as long as it supports sending and receiving HTTP requests.


We hope this list of APIs can help make your holiday season easier. How will you plan for your next holiday season? Let us know. Happy holidays.