A Final Update to the FrozenCPU Situation

It has almost been 2 weeks since we first reported on the FrozenCPU situation. It had been reported that they were closing their doors and a lot of other gossip came out about the owner of the company. This was big news to many people as FrozenCPU offered one of the largest selections of Watercooling and PC modification parts, especially in the US. After our first report, we followed up with a second, and now we have a final update.


As all of this drama was going on there was no official word from FrozenCPU, which was a bit alarming. Last week there was a notice put on the website that FrozenCPU would not be processing orders till further notice. It was revealed that this notice was put up from the eCommerce provider for the site not the owner or management. The eCommerce provider also took steps to turn on ordering on the site.

Finally a couple days ago this message was put up on the site:

“FrozenCPU.com will not be taking new orders or processing pending orders for at least the next 30 days. We currently are attempting to hire new staff to get things moving again. We apologize for this inconvenience. – Mark Friga Jr.”


So it looks like we finally have a response from Mark. What is alarming to me and should be to you going forward is that this official response took almost two weeks to happen. This left many people who have ordered in limbo wondering what to do. Also we cannot imagine that it was all that hard for him to put this message up, so taking almost 2 weeks to respond really hurts his and FrozenCPU reputation.

We are sad to see this happen to FrozenCPU and the industry as a whole. Maybe FrozenCPU will make a great comeback or someone else will step up to start up a shop. Only time will tell.

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