A Guide to Selecting the Best Computer Gaming Chair

Sitting in front of your PC doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. It doesn’t matter if you are playing World of Warcraft or editing your holiday photos in Photoshop, the right chair can save your back a lot of pain. The number one cause of bulging discs and the resulting back pain is sitting in a chair for extended periods of time. A comfortable chair is a necessity that you cannot do without.

Evolution to Sitting in front of a Computer

The modern era has humans sitting in front of PC screens for a large part of their day. The human body is simply not design for this. The body is designed to move, not sit around. Our ancestors were hunter gathers that walked for miles each day; nowadays we are lucky if we walk from our desk to the coffee machine more than twice.

Gamers are particularly at risk because they often have office jobs and then return home to spend even more hours in front of the screen in the evening playing games.

There are ways to mitigate the adverse health effects that arise from too much sitting. Regular stretching is great, but you need active decompression of the spine as well. You can decompress your spine by hanging, normally or upside down.

The Sitting Solution

A well-designed PC chair can be as comfortable as a cushy recliner. Well-built chairs will last for many years, so it pays to spend a bit of time understanding the latest in design technology available before you settle on your final decision. It also pays to not go for the cheapest chair that you can find. Inevitably a good chair will cost you a reasonable amount.

Here are some essentials that should be featured on any chair that you are considering purchasing.

  1. Ergonomic design.

The best ergonomic chairs will help you control and improve your posture. Ergonomics work to support your lumbar spine, your arms, and your neck. This support will prevent the majority of back problems that occur from the lack of support in traditional chairs.

The chair will also feature controls that allow you to adjust the positioning and reclining motion. The options enable you to customize your chair settings to your exact requirements regarding your body type and height.

  1. Height control.

Height control is a standard feature found on most office chairs. However, adjustable arm height is not so common. A good chair will offer both, as well as an adjustable column to change the height of the head pad for neck and head support.

Arm rests are critical to prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is a debilitating pain in your hands and wrists which can require surgery to fix in some cases. Rather stay healthy and make sure your chair has adjustable armrests.

  1. Tension Control, Seat Slider, and Backrest Lock

The tension control determines the flexibility of the chair, meaning how easy it is to tilt the chair forwards and backward while you are sitting in it. The backrest lock will allow you to secure the tension setting in one position and prevent any movement. The seat pan slider lets you select the position of the seat pan, sliding it forward or backward to your preferred setting.

  1. Styling.

Your chair does not have to be a styling masterpiece made by Louis Vuitton. However, looks are important, and the overall styling should be somewhat aesthetically pleasing. There is a lot to be said for an ergonomic chair that is sturdy and stylish.

Various gaming chairs come in a variety of styling themes. Pick a racing style if you are into car games, or a Star Wars designed chair if you are a fan of the franchise. You are going to be spending some money, so get something that you enjoy and stands out.

  1. Material.

Choosing the right material is an important part of selecting the perfect ergonomic gaming chair. Try to avoid leather, while it looks great and will keep you warm in the winter, however it does not do well in absorbing moisture. Select a chair with a breathable material lining, good support and comfortable cushioning.

There are moisture wicking materials available to ensure that you never have a hot and sweaty seat, even during the most intense gaming sessions. The seat pan of the chair should have adequate cushioning. Some chairs have a mesh backrest with no padding. Choose the option that suits your gaming style and the environment.

  1. Casters.

The casters or glidersare often the most overlooked part of a good ergonomic chair; however, they are one of the most important. If a caster breaks, your chair is useless until you replace the caster.

Casters control the movement, and without them, you will notice a huge difference in the mobility and feeling of your chair. Make sure that you have a spare caster or two on hand to replace a broken one, and ensure they are OEM equipment made by the same manufacturer as the chair.

Wrapping Up

Take the pain out of your life by purchasing a really ergonomic chair for your office and home. It is important to remember that the chair will help your posture.

If you’re not sure if a good chair is worth the money remember your posture isn’t just good for your mental health. Sitting up straight will make you feel better and more confident as well.

This doesn’t mean that you can avoid spending a few minutes during the day to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your core and back. Prevention is better than cure, a little time every day on stretching out beats a lifetime of back pain.

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