Acer Announces Predator X25b MIIPRZX Monitor With 360 Hz Refresh Rate

Today, Acer Japan has announced a new gaming monitor under their Predator brand, “X25b miiprzx”. It is a FullHD monitor and offers a 360Hz refresh rate.

x25bmiiprzx 800x600a 620x466 1

The X25b is based on a 24-inch LCD panel and has a response time of 0.3 ms. It can display the contrast between light and dark with an accuracy of less than a delta E value of 1. The monitor also supports Display HDR 400, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, and NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer.

Moreover, the monitor also features Acer’s original LightSense that adjusts the screen brightness using a light sensor. The ColorSense feature can automatically adjust the gap between the color temperature and brightness of the room and the display. Users are also suggested to take breaks upon their excessive use using the ProxiSense function. The X25b miiprzx has a horizontal and vertical angle of 178 degrees. It also has a 543x302mm display area, a pixel pitch of 0.28mm, and color reproducibility of sRGB 99%. The brightness is set at 400cd / ㎡ while the contrast ratio is at 1,000: 1.

x25bmiiprzx 800x600b 620x466 1

A wide range of connectivity options is available which includes, HDMI2.0x2, USB3.2 Gen.1 Type-Ax3, USB2.0x1, and DisplayPort 1.4×1. As for the stand function, it is 25 degrees up, 5 degrees down and 20 degrees for swivel, left and right. The monitor is measured at 557 mm X 236 mm X 411 mm and weighs 5.88 Kg.

There is no information on the pricing yet.