Acer Announces Radeon RX 7600 Predator BiFrost Series, Its First Radeon GPU

As per the report, Acer plans to unveil three upcoming graphics cards. Among them, one will be powered by Intel, while the other two will utilize AMD technology. Previously, Acer’s Predator BiFrost series featured the popular Arc A770 with 16GB VRAM, which stood out in the market as a leading Intel option after the cancellation of Intel’s Limited Edition. Acer has recently confirmed the introduction of the A750 BiFrost model, indicating that both ACM-G10 cards will come with identical coolers.

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Back in January, there were speculations suggesting that Acer might be leaning towards Radeon GPUs, and it turns out those rumors were true. Acer made an official announcement during Computex about their collaboration on Radeon 7900 graphics cards. However, no releases were made until now, as Acer had been exclusively offering Intel GPUs. Fortunately, that’s about to change, as Acer is getting ready to launch the BiFrost Predator OC and non-OC models this month. Unfortunately, the initial Acer Radeon model will be based on the RX 7600 SKU, implying that it won’t be a high-end option.

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The BiFrost series features a distinctive hybrid cooler design that combines both blower-style and axial-style fans. Its overall design closely resembles that of the Arc series, with the main distinguishable change being the power input, which now utilizes a single 8-pin connector instead of two. The cooler’s size remains consistent for both the Arc and Radeon series, indicating that it will likely deliver improved performance for the RX 7600, given its lower TDP that ranges from 170-180W, depending on the specific model.

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If the newly surfaced pictures indeed depict the A750/RX7600 models, it appears that the more affordable BiFrost variants will not include ARGB lighting around the fans. However, considering the price range of $200-$300 for these cards, the absence of ARGB lighting is unlikely to be a significant concern. Speaking of pricing, the A750 is set to be priced at 7990 TWD (equivalent to 258 USD), while the RX 7600 OC will retail for 8490 TWD (equivalent to 274 USD), and the OC variant will cost 8999 TWD (equivalent to 290 USD).

Via XFastest