ACER Arc A770 BiFrost 16GB Is Now Available For Just $282

The Intel Arc A770 remains an incredible deal due to its recent price reductions, and now you can purchase the 16 GB ACER Predator for less than $300 in the United States.With ongoing driver optimizations and recent discounts, Intel Arc GPUs have emerged as strong contenders among graphics cards for gamers in the current generation. Despite the latest offerings from NVIDIA and AMD, the Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards have demonstrated their competitive edge. Furthermore, there are even more discounted deals available for consumers to take advantage of.

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At Newegg, you can now purchase the Intel Arc A770 16 GB Predator BiFrost for an incredibly low price of $281.59 in the United States. This price represents the lowest ever for this graphics card and makes it the most affordable option with 16 GB of onboard memory. With a remarkable 30% discount from its original price of $399, this cooler is also renowned for its excellent cooling performance.

In contrast to the Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition, the custom Acer Predator BiFrost offers a factory overclock that can reach up to 280W, along with clock speeds of up to 2400 MHz, delivering additional performance for gaming. The Acer Intel Arc A770 Predator BiFrost features a 2.5-slot design and utilizes a custom PCB powered by dual 8-pin connectors, enhancing its overall design and power delivery.

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While the AMD Radeon RX 7600 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 are priced at $269 and $299 US, respectively, they only offer 8 GB of memory and operate on a modest 128-bit bus interface. In contrast, the Arc A770 delivers impressive performance when compared to both these models and boasts a superior memory configuration. This allows users to enjoy enhanced performance at higher resolutions, specifically 1440p, surpassing the capabilities of both NVIDIA and AMD alternatives.

Via Wccftech, Newegg