ADATA Announces XPG Lancer Blade DDR5 kits and ASUS ROG Certified Memory

XPG has unveiled the release of LANCER BLADE RGB DDR5 and LANCER BLADE DDR5 memory today, highlighting their sleek low-profile heatsink design. This design eliminates the need to consider heatsink height during motherboard assembly, making them ideal for compact cases with limited space. The XPG LANCER BLADE series offers two models, boasting impressive speeds of 6000MT/s and 6400MT/s. These memory modules utilize top-quality Hynix chips, ensuring low latency and easy overclocking. Gamers can effortlessly enhance their speed with one-click overclocking, providing a hassle-free performance boost.

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Simultaneously, the XPG LANCER BLADE series offers support for Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO, making it compatible with the latest Intel and AMD platforms. This ensures exceptional memory stability and a seamless operating experience, especially when multitasking or running resource-intensive applications. Additionally, the XPG LANCER BLADE series follows a high price-performance approach, delivering excellent performance, operation, and quality. Undoubtedly, it is the top choice for gamers seeking to upgrade their systems.

The LANCER BLADE series introduces both RGB and non-RGB models available in midnight black and snowstorm white. These memory modules come in speeds of 6000MT/s and 6400MT/s, with capacities of 16GB and 32GB. They are offered in single or double tray packs, providing flexibility to cater to the diverse system configurations of gamers. XPG has also launched various low-profile heatsink memory solutions for both DDR4 and DDR5 platforms.

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For DDR4 requirements, the SPECTRIX D35G RGB and GAMMIX D35 modules are available, while the LANCER BLADE RGB and LANCER BLADE fulfill the DDR5 needs. All of these product series prioritize high price-performance and feature a sleek low-profile heatsink design. Gamers have the freedom to choose the upgrade that best suits their preferences, enabling them to enhance both gaming and work efficiency simultaneously.

Furthermore, XPG has recently introduced the LANCER RGB ROG CERTIFIED DDR5 memory module, featuring a completely new clock speed. When combined with Intel Z790 ROG-compatible motherboards, activating Intel XMP 3.0 allows for an instant overclock to 6600MT/s. By enabling the “ROG Certified” mode, users can achieve an additional 3% speed boost, reaching an impressive 6800MT/s. ROG enthusiasts can now rest assured, as the LANCER RGB ROG-CERTIFIED DDR5 memory offers the highest compatibility and overclocking performance. Both the LANCER BLADE DDR5 series and the LANCER RGB ROG CERTIFIED 6600 modules are currently available for purchase worldwide through global channels.

Via TechPowerUp