ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

I decided to use a few different programs to test the speed of the DashDrive Elite HE720.  They include: HD Tune Pro, ATTO Disk Benchmark and Sandra’s Physical Disks Benchmark.  Remember this is a normal hard drive here, not a solid state drive so the speed of the hard drive is what is going to limit your read / write speeds.

Up first is HD Tune Pro.  I ran the read benchmark first.

hdtune read

Here we have very good results, an average read speed of 88.1MB/s, that sure beats USB 2.0 speed!

In HD Tune Pro 5.0 the file benchmark is actually 2 tests now.  The first is the normal file benchmark we are used to see that tests different transfer speeds over specific file lengths.

hdtune file1

The newly added file benchmark also tests a file size (500MB for our test) and gives you sequential read and write speeds.  It also gives you IOPS for 4KB random single and 4K random multi.

hdtune file2

Next up we have ATTO Disk Benchmark that measures transfer rates across specific lengths.  ATTO uses RAW data, our transfer sizes ranged from 0.5 to 8192kb.


Again, great results here.

Finally we have Sandra’s Physical Disks benchmark.


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