ADATA XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive Review

When it comes to M.2 NVMe solid state drives there are plenty of entry-level drives out there. They may not perform the fastest, but they are still going to be much faster than your 2.5-inch SATA solid state drive and the most important thing, they won’t break the bank. Today we are checking out one such drive, the ADATA XPG SX6000 Pro. This drive is based on the Realtek RTS5763DL controller and lacks a dedicated DRAM chip. Using this controller and not having a DRAM chip will come at a performance cost, but this is still a very fast drive. It boasts sequential read and write speeds of 2100 MB/s and 1500 MB/s respectively and since this is a “Pro” drive it comes with a 5-year warranty from ADATA. We are taking a look at the 512GB version today which is currently selling for only $67.99!

Special thanks to ADATA for providing us with the XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive to review.

xpg 6000 pro specs

The XPG SX6000 Pro comes in ADATA’s typical XPG packaging, which is primarily black and red. On the front we have a picture of the drive and it lets us know the capacity, which is 512GB. ADATA also offers this drive in 256GB and 1TB versions as well.


Flipping the box over to the back there is some information on the back and it does let us know the rated speeds, which are 2100 MB/s read and 1500 MB/s write.


Opening the box up and getting everything out we have the XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 drive and a heatsink. I like that ADATA has made the heatsink optional. Many motherboards come with integrated M.2 heatsinks that match the aesthetic of the board so you are likely going to want to use those over ADATA’s heatsink.


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