AGON by AOC Unveils G3 Series 1000R Curved Gaming Monitors with 165Hz Refresh Rate

The world’s number one gaming monitor and IT accessories brand AOC has rebranded its entire gaming segment to AGON by AOC. AGON by AOC will cover all gaming-related products in AOC’s portfolio, from gaming monitors to gaming headsets, mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, mouse mats and more for gamers of all levels in three categories.

The very first models to be launched under the new name will be from the G3 series as part of the new AOC GAMING category. The five new G3 displays range from 27″ (68.6 cm) to 32″ (80 cm) to 34″ (86.4 cm) diagonal, with all models boasting an aggressive 1000R curvature, a 165 Hz refresh rate as well as a sleek, 3-side borderless design. The curved G3 series will complement and improve upon (with higher refresh rates) but not replace the award-winning G2 series.

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“With the rebranding of our gaming portfolio under the “AGON by AOC” umbrella, we’re going to elevate our comprehensive gaming portfolio to be more coherent and streamlined. From casual and core gamers, to hardcore, competitive and esports players, we’re also visualising an epic fantasy world where gamers will come together and showcase the best of their abilities enhanced by the products that match them best,” says Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing at AOC.

The new AGON by AOC league is here and growing in numbers. The battle is ahead, war horns are trumpeting and it is time to get the gear and leave the comfort zone for the adventures ahead. Adventurers are ready to blaze their own trail, stray from the beaten path, and follow their heart. After all, one does not experience the wonder and beauty of unexplored worlds, if one doesn’t venture out, right? – Unless… you do it from the comfort of your home with a brilliant, immersive window to virtual battlegrounds.

Immerse yourself in adventure, discover your destiny
In gaming, the playing field has completely changed in the span of a few short years. In pursuit of increased performance and connectedness, allowing gamers to feel immersed in the game and to be the best of the competition, high refresh rate gaming (144 Hz+) and curved displays now define the “PC gaming experience”.

AOC’s G3 series continues to carry the torch from the beloved G2 series to offer gamers what they need to get ahead of the game.

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“The G2 Series became one of our most popular monitor series very quickly and we are very thankful to our customers for their trust. That’s why we’re proudly and excitedly launching the G3 Series and we are confident we’ve created a worthy addition to the AOC GAMING lineup. You have to experience this 1000R curvature in person to appreciate the absolute immersion in the game you play,” says César Reyes Acosta, Gaming Product Manager / IT Accessories & Touch Monitors Team Leader at AOC Europe.

The G3 series employs a tighter 1000R curvature in all models, surrounding the user from the sides, compared to the subtler 1500R curvature in AOC’s G2 series. For games played from the first-person perspective, such as single player action/FPS titles, RPGs, racing and simulation titles, this aggressive curvature transforms the monitor to more than simply a window to the virtual worlds. Gaming on 1000R curvature displays, which envelop the peripheral vision entirely, is similar to having a VR experience at a desk but without the negative aspects of “disconnecting” completely from the real world.

All models of the G3 series are equipped with VA panels, offering a 165 Hz refresh rate, levelling up from the common 144 Hz standard in gaming monitors. Moreover, the Motion Blur Reduction setting reduces pixel response time to just 1 ms (MPRT), so gamers will experience fast visual feedback without distracting artefacts such as ghosting. The monitors come equipped with Adaptive-Sync support, offering gamers smooth and tear-free visuals. Furthermore, all models have very low input lag, so users’ actions can be seen on the screen almost instantly, without any noticeable processing delay.

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The new G-Menu software allows gamers to adjust their monitor settings with simple mouse clicks without touching any buttons on their monitors. Also, the Low Blue Light mode and FlickerFree technology help gamers to maintain their eye-health.

Visually, the VA panels produce saturated, popping colours with an exceptional contrast ratio and deep blacks, great for watching movies or playing games with dark scenes, while their wide viewing angles of 178°/178° mean friends and family can join the fun.

Specifically suited for simulation and racing gamers, the AOC CU34G3S uses a 34″ VA panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The sharpness of the ultrawide WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution combined with the 1000R curvature fills the users’ peripheral vision and creates an encapsulating, immersive experience. The height, swivel, and tilt adjustable stand offers ergonomic use for long gaming sessions, while the two 5 W speakers produce a rich sound.

For FPS, action/RPG or any other genres, AOC also offers two 31.5″ and two 27″ G3 series monitors, both sizes come with Full HD and QHD resolution variants each.

The 31.5″ AOC CQ32G3SU and the 27″ CQ27G3SU are both equipped with a panel with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, which offers great clarity and sharpness, with the more common 16:9 aspect ratio. The sturdy and sleek stand doesn’t take much space on the desk and has a cable management hole for a clutter-free setup. It is also height, tilt, and swivel adjustable for ergonomically correct and healthy gaming sessions. The 31.5″ model comes with two 5 W speakers, while the 27″ version comes with two 3 W speakers.

Further monitors from the G3 series are the 31.5″ C32G3AE and the 27″ C27G3U, both offering Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Depending on the games played and the users’ equipment, gaming on Full HD resolution might just be the optimal choice. Not all games require the highest resolution possible to enjoy them or be competitive at them. For some gamers, speed is much more important and achieving high framerates on a QHD resolution and above is also a hard task for low/mid-tier PC setups. Boasting a 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT, with tear-free gaming thanks to Adaptive-Sync technology, these models are the most affordable of the bunch and perfect for budget-conscious gamers intending to improve their loadouts. The larger 31.5″ C32G3AE comes with a basic stand with tilt support and two 5 W speakers, while the 27″ C27G3U comes with an ergonomic, height adjustable stand and two 3 W speakers.

The first model of the G3 series, AOC CU34G3S, CQ32G3SU, C32G3AE, are already available at RRPs of £539.99, £329.99, £279.99 respectively; while the other models – CQ27G3SU, C27G3U – will be available from September 2021 at RRPs of £319.99 and £257.99 respectively.

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