SK Hynix Will Start DDR5 Memory Mass Production In 2H 2021

SK Hynix has confirmed through its Q2 2021 financial report that DDR 5 memory will enter mass production in the coming months. Several platforms from Intel and AMD will utilize the DDR5 RAM technology.

Intel Alder Lake S Desktop CPU Platform and DDR5 6400 Memory Modules Tested 4 1030x568 1

This announcement suggests that the manufacturer will start sending memory chips to its partners in the near future. SK Hynix also confirmed that it will start supplying its 1anm DRAM chips soon. Mass production of these chips is done through EUV lithography. The company will also focus on its high-capacity server DRAMs with capacities larger than 64 GB.

As per SK Hynix, the DDR5 is expected to offer more than twice the bandwidth in comparison to DDR4 RAM. Back in 2013, during the shift from DDR3 to DDR4, a 33% increase in bandwidth was expected (1600 Mbps to 2133 Mbps). As for DDR5, SK Hynix aims for a 50%+ increase in bandwidth per DIMM. Currently, DDR5 is expected to achieve speeds of up to 4800 MT/s.

DDR5 vs DDR4 Memory 1030x615 1

Till now, the Micron DDR5 DRAM is only being used by all the major manufactures like Corsair; TeamGroup previously reported that the voltages on DDR5 memory can be pushed up to 2.6V with LN2 cooling.

Previous benchmarks have shown that we can expect twice the performance increase in DDR5 compared to DDR4 technology. DDR4 is capable of achieving over 7 GHz with OC, so 10 GHz speed might not be an issue for DDR5 as SK Hynix & Micron deliver faster DRAM chips to vendors who are currently supplying the memory makers.

1811 SK hynix 1Ynm DDR5 DRAM 1030x686 1

Via SK Hynix