AMD Next-Gen Zen 4 Ryzen CPUs & RDNA 3 Radeon RX GPUs Will Launch on Time in 2022

During the Q2 2021 investors call. AMD’s CEO and President, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed that the two highly anticipated products, Zen4, and RDNA3, are on track for the 2022 release.

AMD RDNA GPU Architecture Roadmap 2022 1030x576 1

The company speculates that the component shortage will continue throughout 2021, but the situation will improve in 2022. The company’s vision suggests that AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPUs will increase in MSRP for a lot longer than expected. On the other hand, AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs can be purchased near the MSRP price, give or take, in most regions.

It is expected that Zen4 will launch in Q2 2022. It is a successor to the refreshed Zen3+/Zen3 3D V-Cache series, which will arrive by this year’s end. The following products will come under the Zen4 architecture: EPYC 7004 series codenamed “Genoa,” client CPUs known as “Raphael,” and APUs codenamed “Phoenix.” Both the client CPUs and APUs will offer RDNA2 integrated graphics. A new DDR5 compatible platform will be required to switch to Zen4.

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Although Intel shared its timeline for the near future, AMD is reluctant to reveal its post-Zen4 timeline and architectures. Nor have they confirmed which products except for Ryzen will receive its 3D V-Cache treatment.

We remain on-track to launch next-generation products in 2022, including our Zen 4 processors built with industry-leading 5nm process technology and our RDNA 3 GPUs.”

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su

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The launch date for RDNA3 GPUs is not confirmed yet, but the last two weeks were all about rumors regarding the upcoming products. AMD is expected to launch four GPUs under the RDNA3 series, Navi 31 and 32; both are expected to feature multi-chip design, and Navi 33 and 34, which are to be monolithic. The GPUs haven’t been spotted in Linux kernel updates yet, which is why their codenames remain unknown.