Renders Of AMD AM5 Socket For Ryzen “Zen4 Raphael” CPUs Pictured For The First Time!!

A Twitter user named ExecutableFix has shared pictures of AMD’s upcoming AM5 socket.

AMD will switch its mainstream desktop to AM5 socket in 2022. The socket will utilize the Land Grid Array (LGA-1718) layout. AMD fans have shown a positive response about an upgrade from AM4’s PGA socket. The next-gen CPU has fewer chances of being damaged during installation. Besides this, it is much cheaper to replace the socket with a motherboard maker than to fix the legs of the CPU.

AMD AM5 Socket Ryzen Raphael CPU 1

The leaked pictures show the locking mechanism of AM5. Just like EPYC CPs, (AMD’s only Zen processors using LGA sockets yet), the AM5 also uses a simple latch and clamp to hold the CPU in place during installation instead of screws. Indeed, this new socket looks quite familiar to Intel HEDT LGA sockets.

The leaks also include pictures of the design of AMD Raphael processors. ExecutableFix was responsible for these pictures too. Rahael processors will be based on AMD Zen4 architecture whose arrival is not expected until Q2 2022.

AMD AM5 Socket

AMD’s Raphael will follow Vermeer-X3D, a Vermeer refresh with AMD’s innovative 3D V-Cache solution. The EPYC 7004 series codenamed “Genoa” and desktop/mobile APU series aka “Phoenix
are also included in AMD Zen 4.

Via Twitter