AKASA Launches New 12VHPWR Power Adapters For GeForce RTX 40 GPUs

The PC case and cooling manufacturer presents a new angled power adapter concept. Rather than concealing power cables, AKASA’s approach is to openly display them. The recently unveiled G-Nexus P24 adapter designed for NVIDIA RTX 40 GPUs features three 8-pin power connectors, supporting a power capacity of up to 600W, though this exceeds standard specifications.


Each 8-pin power cable can deliver a maximum of 150W, resulting in a combined connector output of 450W. This accommodates all RTX 4080 cards and even the RTX 4090, but overclocking might necessitate a different cable or an alternative cable adapter.

AK CBPW30 BK g01

Those choosing this adapter should ensure a secure connection, being cautious not to apply excessive force on the connector with the 8-pin power cables. AKASA advises keeping the cables away from heat sources, a potential challenge given that the official render places these cables near the RTX 40 heatsink.

AK CBPW31 30BK g01

AKASA’s L-shaped power adapter introduces an intriguing concept but seems to go against the primary benefits of the 12VHPWR power cable, such as a smaller footprint and simplified cable management. Thankfully, AKASA offers a variety of adapters to cater to the diverse needs of users.The pricing details for the new adapters are still pending confirmation.

AK CBPW30 BK g03