All Current be quiet! Power Supplies are Haswell Ready

One thing I’m sure you have been hearing about the upcoming Haswell desktop processors is their power supply requirements. These new processors impose stricter requirements on the power supply regarding energy saving features. The new processors feature a new sleep state called C6 and C7. In these states the processor is nearly shut off, bringing down the power consumption. Be quiet! wants you to know that all of their current power supplies are Haswell ready.

bequiet psu

That includes their entry-level Pure Power L8 all the way up to their High-end Dark Power Pro 10. Even some of be quiet’s older models are Haswell compatible: Dark Power Pro 10 (all models), Straight Power E9 (all models), Pure Power L8 (all models), System Power 7 (all models) and Pure Power L7 (630 W and 730 W).

Source: be quiet! | News Archive

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