Amazon Announces Fire TV Gaming Edition

In response to Apple’s announcement of their new Apple TV, Amazon has announced the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which brings with it 4K video streaming and set-top box gaming. The Fore TV Gaming Edition will only support 4K video streaming and not 4K gaming. Under the hood it has 2GB of RAM, a 2.0 GHz MediaTek quad-core processor, and a Power VR GX6250 GPU. There is also 8GB of memory storage and comes with a 32GB microSD card in the expandable memory slot. The device can do 4K video streaming at 30 FPS and 1080p at 60 FPS.

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

Amazon says that the Fire TV Gaming Edition “has more games than Apple TV, Roku, or NVIDIA Shield” and each one comes with a free copy of Shovel Knight and Capcom’s DuckTales remake. The device also comes with a pretty nice controller, that looks much like an Xbox controller, which should be great for gaming. There is also an optional $30 controller that comes with an onboard microphone to use with Alexa, Amazon’s AI helper.

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

The Fire TV Gaming Edition will be $139.99 and will be available October 5th.

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