AMD A10-6700T and A8-6500T Richland APUs Leaked by MSI

Last month AMD released their 100W and 65W Richland APU’s for the FM2 platform last month. They had great success as they improved on the areas where Trinity lacked enhancing clock speeds and HD Radeon performance. It looks like AMD is preparing new 45W Richland APUs which have been leaked in MSI’s CPU compatibility list.


AMD’s Richland APU lineup will be getting two new parts, the A10-6700T and A8-6500T. The “T” on the end of the name denotes that it is a low TDP model. The A10-6700T is a quad core part with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, we are unsure of the turbo speed. It will have 4MB of L2 cache and HD 8650D integrated graphics clocked at 720 MHz which will feature 384 shaders. The specific model has a product code of “AD670TYHA44HL”.

The A8-6500T is also a quad core part, but it will have a frequency of 2.1 GHz. It has the same 4MB of L2 cache, but will have HD 8550D integrated graphics clocked at 720 MHz which features 256 shaders. This chip has a product code of “AD650TYHA44HL”.

We currently have no details on pricing or availability of either of the chips.

Source: MSI | News Archive

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