Thursday, November 15, 2018
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AMD and Ubisoft Add FreeSync 2 HDR Support to Far Cry 5

Today, AMD and Ubisoft have raised the bar for fluid, vivid HDR gaming thanks to a new patch from Ubisoft bringing FreeSync 2 HDR support to Far Cry 5. Radeon gamers with supporting FreeSync 2 HDR monitors can select the option for FreeSync 2 while fighting to save Hope Country. FreeSync 2 HDR brings the content displayed on compatible monitors one step closer to the artistic vision of the developer by targeting the display’s brightness, contrast and color gamut capabilities directly.

To take advantage of FreeSync 2 HDR technology, gamers must choose a FreeSync 2 HDR-branded monitor, which ensures at least twice the perceivable color gamut and dynamic range than an SDR display.

Those looking to experience Far Cry 5 gameplay beyond the PC can also support The Resistance in HDR, high frame rates and low latency on the Samsung QLED 55″ to 82″ TV range. With support for FreeSync technology, these options provide gamers with smooth gameplay visuals and low latency regardless of their preferred platform.

Support for FreeSync 2 HDR is available today through an automatic update within Far Cry 5.

Bob Buskirk
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