AMD FX-9000 CPUs Now Selling with Liquid Coolers

Not that long ago AMD announced their FX-9370 and FX-9590 processors. The big thing with these processors was that the FX-9590 featured a turbo boost of 5 GHz. It was the first processor ever to have a stock turbo boost speed that high. Being that both of these chips have high clock speeds their TDP’s were quite high as well. Many people who purchased these chips installed them with a good closed-loop watercooler or installed a full water cooling system.


It looks like AMD is now selling both of these chips bundled with closed-loop watercoolers. The cooler that is included is made by Asetek and looks to have a 120 or 140 mm radiator included. It also includes fan-speed control software and customizable LEDs.

The FX-9590 with included watercooler (FD9590FHHKWOX) is selling for $389.99 and the FX-9370 with the watercooler (FD9370FHHKWOX) is selling for $289.99. Pretty low prices considering these chips were selling for close to $1000 a couple of months ago. Taking prices into consideration the cooler is valued at about $40.

Source: Newegg | News Archive

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