More GTA V PC Release Date Rumors

Getting to know what your market wants is really very important if your brand is not planning to sell itself short. Now we don’t have much clue about why the GTA V isn’t being available for PC, but someone from Intel has claimed that it was partially due to money changing hands and so the game won’t be solely for the console for long.


GTA V seems to be quite the center of attention lately and here we have three different views about it from different sources.

From one of the source we’ve had this little piece of information stating that the GTA V launch is most likely to mirror the GTA IV’s launch and is going to be quite similar. This hints towards the fact that fans should not expect the GTA V to be out any time soon; not at least before May 2014.

One of the other sources is highlighting the comment about money changing hands to keep GTA V a console exclusive at launch. Much of this information comes from a reliable source; the Director Marketing of Intel’s Premium notebooks. And he has been pretty straightforward regarding the entire situation indicating towards the cash which is likely to be involved in keeping the game console exclusive on launch.

One other source has said the release of the GTA V would happen before the end of 2013 or at least in early 2014.