Leaked Images of the Nexus 5 Powered by Android 4.4

It seems like leaving behind prototypes intentionally is getting quite a hit with these mobile companies. This is what lead to the last few days being completely overflowed with leaks about the Android 4.4 and all this started when the Nexus 5 was spotted as it was left behind at a bar. This seems quite an unnatural way for marketing yet it’s doing its tricks.


A few web pages have already been sharing a few images of the new phone and the main screen shows off the new lock button which has evolved from its previous Nexus designs. This one looks pretty better though as Android vanilla wasn’t so keen on making it clear and neat. Whereas the new iOS menus look much clearer and neat, this one is enhanced but is still not as trim as what the iPhone offers in a flatter design. But looks like hope hasn’t been lost altogether as there have been conformations coming in that the Android 4.4 is going to feature some flattened aspects as well. The screen design has been altered as well; giving it a cleaner look and the GUI design is pretty too but is only a bit too redundant.


From the leaked images we can put a finger on the GUI which looks as if it took inspiration from the infamous Cryogen Mod. Nexus 5 is definitely expected to be better but still nothing can be deducted unless it is used practically so let’s keep our fingers crossed and look out for more opinions on this.


Source: PhoneArena | News Archive