AMD “Milan-X” 7773X EPYC CPUs With 3D V-Cache Overclocked To 4.8 GHz By “kenaide”

‘kenaide‘, a Chinese Bilibili content creator, has successfully overclocked AMD’s EPYC CPU “Milan-X” 7773X to 4.8GHz.

The overclocker used a data-center EPYC 7773X processor featuring 64-cores and 128 threads processor on a SuperMicro motherboard with dual sockets. The processors are not officially up for grabs as of now and are only being shipped to OEM partners. But ‘kenaide’ somehow managed to get two samples for overclocking purposes.

EPYC 7773X 48 GHZ

The video posted by the overclocker claims EPYC 7773X to have been detected as 100-000000504-04 CPU, an OPN core for the AMD engineering sample. The processor comes with a 2.2GHz base clock of 2.2 GHz and a boost up to 3.5 GHz, but the engineering sample is running at 100 MHz lower clocks respectively. The EPYC Milan-X series featured the 3D V-Cache technology for the very first time. It is a special layer of L3 cache just on the top of the compute dies. The EPYC 7773X comprises of eight chiplets each of which features 96 MB cache, this makes a total of 768 MB of 3D V-Cache in a CPU.

EPYC 7773X Cinebench R23

The creator has used a special EPYC Milan/Rome ES/QS overclocking tool by Uat4 and ExecutableFix. Along with unlocking the power limits, the tool causes an increase in maximum all-core frequencies and voltages higher than initially intended by AMD, though restricted only to the engineering samples. This, however, is not overclocking in its true sense. ExecutableFix reported that the frequency shown by CPU-Z software is a target frequency and by no means a real one. This is probably the reason behind the overclocker not showing any benchmark results using a 4.8 GHz OC session, as it would have shown lesser performance uplift than expected.

EPYC 7773X Cinebench R23 ST

Via Bilibili, VideoCardz