AMD Radeon Pro Workstation Card with 16GB Memory Leaked

Apparently, the preparation for the next-gen Radeon PRO is in its final phases as the pictures for Radeon Pro graphics cards featuring RDNA2 architecture have been leaked. The initial photos were published on Chiphell and the card has 16 GB of memory, which is the same capacity as the flagship Radeon RX series card.

A label also reveals that the card is a ‘Full Secure TT GLXL’ model but the Stream Processors count remains unknown so far.

It is clear from the picture that it will be the first blower-type Navi 2X graphics card from AMD based on a dual-slot design. This design certainly has an impact on thermal performance and heat exchange capacity.

The PCB board picture shows that AMD has made changes in the PCB design when compared to the Radeon RX series. The position of power connectors or MOSFETs is also changed.

The AMD Radeon PRO with RDNA2 architecture will be competing with the NVIDIA RTX Ampere series (former Quadro). On the other hand, NVIDIA is also preparing a 24GB and 12GB variant of the same card.

Via Chiphell