AMD releases New Roadmap For Its Upcoming Ryzen 7000 Series

As already announced earlier, the desktop CPUs by Raphael will be launching at this year’s end. These desktop CPUs will be based on the Zen4 architecture featuring 65W+ designs. They will support the latest PCIe Gen5 as well as the latest DDR5 memory technology. Moreover, they will feature the LGA1718 (AM5) socket. So far AMD hasn’t provided any more information.

AMD Raphael Dragon Range Phoenix 1

AMD is coming up with another new series for gaming laptops. This new “Dragon Range” is the company’s newest product segment targeted towards Extreme Gaming. From what we concluded, this might very well be the version for Raphael Mobile.

AMD so far hasn’t made any announcement related to the core count on this but we are already suspecting that its silicon will come with 16 cores. AMD has confirmed though that this will be the highest core count for a gaming mobile CPU.

This new Dragon Range will use the same Raphael silicon which means that the chip will come with integrated graphics, this being the newest feature that is being added to the desktop’s silicon. Intel also had the same approach when it launched the Alder Lake-HX.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Raphael Zen4

AMD has confirmed that the parts will support the latest DDR5 memory technology as well as PCIe Gen5. As per what AMD has in mind, this might be available sometime in 2023. However, this isn’t confirmed yet and AMD hasn’t provided any hint on the launch date.

We have already heard about the Phoenix which is the codename for the Ryen 7000. These thin and light laptop designs will be 35 to 40W SKUs with support for PCIe Gen5 as well as LPDDR5.

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