AMD RX Vega Die Size Confirmed at 484 mm2

The die size of AMD’s upcoming RX Vega chips has been sort of informally confirmed by Raja Koduri (head of Radeon Technologies Group) on Twitter. His post came as a response to people asking him about PC Perspective’s prognosis on Vega’s die size to be 512 mm². Koduri’s did not answer directly, but cryptically responded with, “the number is the closest perfect square actually.”

die size tweet

For those who are good at math you know that the answer to that equation would be a perfect 484 mm² die area. If we look at other GPU dies out there AMD’s current Polaris 20 XTX-based RX 580 chip is only 232 mm² and NVIDIA’s TITAN Xp is even actually smaller at 471 mm². But 484 mm² is not AMD’s largest consumer GPU die, that is held by the Fiji XT which powered the R9 Fury X, which was 596 mm².

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