AMD Ryzen 7000 To Support Faster DDR5-5200 Memory Out Of The Box

As far as AMD’s next-gen Ryzen series was concerned, we didn’t hear any details about specs. All we knew so far was that the Ryzen series will support the DDR5 memory. According to the leaked documents, it appears that the series will only exclusively support DDR5 memory with no standard support for DDR4.
As per Apacer, the Ryzen 7000 series are most likely to extend default support for the DDR5-5200 memory. In terms of speed, this memory platform is 400 MHz higher than the JEDEC specs. It even goes above and beyond the Alder Lake platform by Intel.

AMD Ryzen 7000

The supporting details provided in the chart also don’t include any support for DDR4. What we do know from the chart is that the EPYC Genoa will have out of the box support for DDR5-5200. The Ryzen and EPYC are both based on AMD’s Zen4 microarchitecture.

Just a few days ago AMD’s recent EXPO technology came into the limelight. Made to store overclocking DDR5 memory profiles, this new technology has high-bandwidth and low-latency mode. On the other hand, AMD has started throwing teasers for its new “Raphael” series which will leave a huge impact on memory overclocking. This can mean both things; either manual overclocking or profiles and memory kits for high speed overclocking.

Via VideoCardz