AMD Ryzen 8000 Series Processors With Zen 5 Architecture Reportedly Codenamed “Granite Ridge”

A recent leak from itacg (Weibo) states that the Granite Ridge will be the successor to Raphael. Allegedly, Granite Ridge is an official codename for Ryzen 8000 series. The series will be based on the Zen5 architecture product. The Ryzeen 8000 series APUs will be called Strix Point.

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The leak has also confirmed that the Strix Point APU series will be based on the TSMC N3 fabrication node and will have Zen5 and Zen4D architecture. No details were provided; hence the specification of the product remains unknown. Most probably, they will be revealed later.

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 3

Yesterday, A leakseter confirmed (Broly_X1) the leak. The confirmation suggests that AMD might have released a new roadmap to multiple sources simultaneously, or the information might be based on an old roadmap.

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