Intel Claims Better Gaming Experience Than Apple MacBooks

After months, Intel has finally replied to Apple’s claim made at M1’s release, which was later amended. We all remember Apple’s claim about M1 being the “World’s Fastest Core”. The truth is that M1 does not even stand near the world’s fastest CPU core. However, it is the world’s most power-efficient core. Apple secretly added the note on their website.

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The M1 maintained its status as a go-to mobility chip, so it isn’t surprising to see Intel’s reply. Intel said that their laptops provide a “better gaming experience than 100% of Apple Mac laptops”.

Intel’s bold reply indicates that Intel has decided to end any connections with Apple. Intel also provided plenty of Benchmarks running on Bootcamp, while some were based on native games. All benchmarks proved that Intel/Windows-based systems can easily beat the MacBooks. The reason behind this is that Apple only uses AMD-based GPUs. Currently, the top-of-the-line MacBook is limited to RX 5600M-which lacks behind an RTX 3060.

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Apple has already revealed its plan to completely shift to Apple Silicon within a few years. The slides also reveal that a large percentage of content creators are gamers too.

Even if Apple completely shifts to Apple silicon, Intel’s assumption won’t change because these new chips will require a lot of learning to match the x86 gaming optimizations.

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Considering Apple’s MO, we don’t expect a reply but hats off to Intel for their no-brainer message. Intel’s continuous ignorance brought a negative impact, and it is great to see Intel fighting back.