MSI Unveils MAG X570S Tomahawk WiFi MAX & X570S Torpedo MAX Motherboards

Today, MSI has officially revealed its new X570S motherboards. In comparison to the current X570 motherboard series, the latest one offers beet designs, I/O, and silent PCH cooling. Under the X570 motherboards, MSI has first announced the mag series, which will be followed by MPG & MEG variants.

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MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk WiFi Max Motherboard:

The refreshed version offers a better design scheme along with the passive cooled X570 PCH. The I/O ports and heatsink quantity are the same, but CPU power delivery has been slightly updated. Currently, limited information is available. However, the motherboard has been modified to offer better-overclocking support on AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series.

Next in line is the MSI X570S Torpedo Max. It is a brand new product under the X570 series. Its design has the power delivery solution but lacks an I/O port count. It also has one less M.2 heatsink too. The X570S Torpedo Max is expected to offer the same performance for a lower price.

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MSI also released a teaser for its flagship X570S product, the MEG GODLIKE MAX. The product will arrive in Q3 2021. We can expect these motherboards to fall under the sub $200 category after their launch in a couple of weeks.

Via Wccftech