Sabrent Announces Plotripper SSDs for Chia Cryptocurrency

Sabrent has just announced their new Plotripper solid state drives that are designed to endure the harsh writing cycles of Chia plotting. For those out of the loop Chia Coin is a new cryptocurrency which is storage-based. So unlike Bitcoin and other popular coins that use tremendous amounts of processing power to mine, Chia just requires storage plots. A 101GB plot will incur a 1.6TB write workload so having an SSD with a large endurance rating is ideal for Chia plotting.

plotripper 2

Sabrent will be releasing two different Plotripper variants, a normal Plotripper, and a Plotripper Pro. A normal mainstream NVMe SSD will have an endurance rating of around 3000 TBW. The Plotripper 1TB drive has an endurance rating of 10,000 TBW. The Plotripper Pro will be available in both 1TB and 2TB versions with the 1TB having an endruance rating of 27000 TBW and the 2TB having an endurance rating of 54000 TBW!

plotripper 1

No word yet on pricing, but Sabrent has said that Plotripper will be the “best unit cost for plotting.”

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