AMD Ryzen 9 7900X Processor Review

CPU Testing

Our first CPU benchmark is SiSoftware’e Sandra. We are going to run the Processor Overall test, which runs all of Sandra’s CPU benchmarks and gives an overall score for your processor. Higher scores are better here.

amd ryzen8 7900x sandra overall

Up next us CINEBENCH R23. Cinebench is a real-world cross-platform test suite that evaluates your computer’s hardware capabilities. Improvements to Cinebench Release 23 reflect the overall advancements to CPU and rendering technology in recent years, providing a more accurate measurement of Cinema 4D’s ability to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and modern processor features available to the average user.

amd ryzen8 7900x cine multi

amd ryzen8 7900x cine single

The HWBOT XX265 is a simple benchmark that uses the open source x265 encoder. It can take advantage of modern CPUs instructions and scales well with multi-core processors. We use the 1080p preset. Higher scores are better here.

amd ryzen8 7900x x265

The 3DMark CPU test is one of the better CPU benchmarks released lately. We use the Max Threads score.

amd ryzen8 7900x 3dmark cpu

We round out our testing with GeekBench 5, where we run the CPU test. Each CPU workload models a real-world task or application, ensuring meaningful results. These tests are complex, avoiding simple problems with straightforward memory-access patterns, and push the limits of your system. Geekbench 5 gives you a single-core score as well as a multi-core score.

amd ryzen8 7900x geek multi

amd ryzen8 7900x geek single

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