AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Is Already Selling in China Even Before Launch

Ryzen 7000 has already been offered in China; therefore, there is no need to wait for a sales embargo. Chinese gamers may already purchase the next-generation AMD CPU through Taobao’s Goofish marketplace. Before they are official, AMD and Intel engineering samples are routinely offered on this secondhand and black market website. This time, AMD’s flagship Ryzen 9 7950X CPU is available for purchase more than a week before its official introduction.

RYZEN 7950X 1 700x426 1

The official release date for the desktop Ryzen 7000 series with Zen4 architecture is September 27. AMD aims to release the review embargo a day earlier, which will be the first time we discover how Zen4 performs from external reviewers.

RYZEN 7950X 6 1200x673 1

The retail price of this processor is 5999 RMB (856 USD), which may sound steep for what is ostensibly a 699 USD CPU, but remember that here is your chance to get one well in advance of its scheduled release date.

RYZEN 7000 PRICE 2 1200x812 1

Since the X670 and Ryzen 7000 series will be released simultaneously, and the latter is expected to be more cost-effective, there is no point in purchasing this CPU without a motherboard. In addition to the seller not providing official driver support, the guarantee being dubious, and the origin of the CPUs being unknown, this is a red flag.

RYZEN 7950X 5 700x426 1

Via Wccftech