First Batch Of Intel Arc A770 GPUs is Already Getting Ready For Retail!

Intel is setting up to release Arc GPUs, while NVIDIA is counting down to unveiling the GeForce RTX 40 series. The Arc Alchemist series, which has already been made available for mobile and low-end desktops, is, at last, hitting the stage that gamers have been waiting for the most—the launch for mid-range and high-end desktops.

pat arc a770

Gelsinger posed for a picture with the Arc A770 Limited Edition card, an Intel design that will also be available for sale. Intel’s CEO has verified that the company is gearing up the first production run of these cards for release, but an exact release date has not been specified.

There are now just four days left for Intel to keep its commitment to release Arc A7 GPUs “later summer,” as the corporation has been deliberately postponing the release of the Arc Alchemist desktop. However, it is quite improbable that this date will occur.

arc rgb zones 1200x675 2

There is a significant probability that Intel will debut the GPU series at the Innovation event, which is only four days later, on September 27th. In addition, the company’s 13th-generation Core desktop CPU series, Raptor Lake, will be introduced on the same day.